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    “Double Diamant” pendants


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    People will stare. Make it worth their while. There is no doubt that the fashion industry has been blooming rapidly throughout the world. Everywhere you go, you should absolutely be fashionable as people tend to perceive a lot of information about you from your fashion style and sense. One of the great pieces of jewellery that women wear is the necklace. The necklace has become a commonly worn accessory because it actually works and is very effective in making you look stunning and stand out from the crowd, but not every necklace has that kind of power. Our amazing necklaces "Double Diamant" have that kind of power and potential to make you look extremely gorgeous and beautiful. You will surely become the talk of the event while wearing our glamorous  jewelry , casual accessories . These unique necklaces are designed from materials of the highest quality meaning that they are made for quality and perfection. The necklace chain is made from high-grade Toho seed beads which have been thoroughly polished to give it a smooth and shiny finish.


    • Toho seed-beads
    • 4mm Swarovski pearls and bicones
    • Miyuki seed-beads
    You can get our amazing necklaces in 3 stunning pendant designs. Each pendant itself is handmade with perfection from a combination of mystic and rare components that are specially imported from different parts of the world. Our first pendant  Blue/White variant is made from Toho seed beads that provide the necklace with a spectacular essence that will just leave the viewers in awe. Size pendant is 8.3cm x 5cm with 76cm beaded chain. Can be very suitable as a wedding jewellery for the bride. Our second pendant Red/ Purple variant consists of shimmering Swarovski pearls and bicones which give the necklace its extraordinary shine which works in perfect harmony and seeks to attract the attention of the crowd. Size pendant is 8.3cm x 5cm with 76cm beaded chain. Finally, our third pendant Silver/Night Blue variant is embedded with Preciosa stones which are cut exclusively from the finest synthetic crystals, and Swarovski pearls making them almost indistinguishable from their natural counterparts.Size pendant is 8.3cm x 5cm with 76cm beaded chain. Each of the above-mentioned necklaces along with their respective pendants have their own uniqueness in terms of looks and essence. Regardless of whichever one you pick, you will absolutely look fabulous and dashing without any doubt. You have been provided with great options of necklaces as we believe that everyone has their own personal preference.  
  • necklace “Mini Grapes”


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    This beautifully hand finished Jewelry necklace design is 46 cm long. Materials: *Toho seed beads *Presioca gemstones *Silver slide clasp. As beautiful as the evening moon, this necklace will add sparkle to your look. "A witty woman is a treasure; a witty beauty is a power. "-George Meredith
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  • necklace “Love”


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    This fashionable necklace is very comfortable to wear and has an extremely glamorous finish. This Beaded Necklace Australia is as beautiful and dangerous as a shower of broken glass. Hane 55 cm long include claps. Materials: *Swarovski bicones *Toho beads *Silver Slide clasp "A beauty is a woman you notice; a charmer is one who notices you." -Aldai Stevenson
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  • “Pearl wheel” necklace


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    Hand-crafted to perfection, the floral accented beads add grace to this Beaded Pearl Necklaces With an abundance of 6mm Swarovski pearls embellished with Swarovski 6 and 3 mm bicones crystals and Toho beads. The Pendant is 5×5 cm and hangs down 7.5cm from the base of necklace. It is 45 cm long and 1.4 cm wide. Available in Blue or Peach- I’ve used 24 carat - gold galvanised beads, with White or Purple silver galvanised seed beads.
  • beaded necklace

    “Silver Line” necklace


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    An extremely light and flashy styled necklace. I’ve used Toho beads and 14mm Swarovski Rivoli and 6mm bicones to shine like a star in the night! “Silver Line” beaded necklace is 49 cm long. This eye-catching sparkling necklace can be worn at the office or with an evening nightgown.
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  • “Flash Pearls” necklace


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    The “Flash Pearls” necklace is 45 cm long and weighs 170 grams. This stylish glow pearl jewellery necklace adds a pop of pretty colour of Swarovski 4 mm pearls. A fashion faithful with different size Toho beads adds eye-catching sparkle, intricately beaded paying careful attention to detail. The necklaces natural colour will make a standout addition to your collection.

    Add a touch of nature-inspired beauty to your look – click the “Add to cart” button NOW to add a stylish glow to any outfit.

    Beauty in a woman’s face, like sweetness in a woman’s lips, is a matter of taste. -M. W. Little

    Please see the full Description of materials in Description section.

    Note: The colour and dimensions of the product can vary due to lighting and camera effect. Credits to Lana RP from Royal Panther and Jill Wiseman.
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    Handmade jewellery Australia fabulous fashion

    necklace “Waves”

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    Necklaces are an essential part of fabulous fashion that women do these days. Without any unique necklace around the neck, the overall look feels incomplete. But usually bad choice of fashion jewelry leads to a weird look. In order to avoid such fashion mishaps, women should go for a versatile item. One that can give you the best look irrespective of the colour or type of your dress. This handmade jewellery necklace Waves is a sleek style that will always have fashion lovers’ heart. Up to the standards of handmade jewellery Australia, this necklace weighs only 63 grams and looks adorable when worn. The twisted style makes it look funky yet decent. It's versatile enough to be worn on late night parties or even to a friend’s wedding. This necklace waves are being offered in multiple colours so you can choose the one that suits you better.


    Show off this funky, sophisticated, trendsetting style, and wear this necklace for any occasion.

    “A women’s greatest asset is her beauty.” -Alex Comfort

    Please see the full Description of materials in Description section.

    Note: The colour and dimensions of the product can vary due to lighting and camera effect. Credit to Lana RP -beading artist, Metter Pederson- for inspiration.  
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  • stylish accessories stylish accessories

    “Crystal Heart” choker


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    The luxury of wearing jewelry and stylish accessories for a woman is like a dream come true. This luxury choker is nothing short of that dream. The shiny 7 Swarovski Berm Blue hearts at the end of each beaded layer will fall into your soft fleshy neck to create a magical look. The 45cm long choker has Fire polished beads from Preciosa and Swarovski montees. Imagine the smile on your face or your wife’s face (if you a male off cause) when you will present it to her as an anniversary gift. The blue coloured hues that this crystal heart choker imitates are to die for. The Swarovski hearts are in the best of their conditions, shiny and crystal clear, with no chips or breaks in the girdle. The choker is light in weight around 60g, so you won't feel heavy when wearing it.

        A perfect blend of blue and silver is a satisfying combination that can be worn on the white gown at a wedding. It can be your wedding too as this luxury choker is precious enough to be used as a wedding jewellery. Along with the beauty and design, this choker provides comfort too. Women will not have any sort of complaint regarding rash or itching when wearing this crystal heart choker. A perfect present for your woman’s birthday, Mother’s Day, or any Special Occasion!

       “Donned beauty like a robe.” -Iris Murdoch

    Please see the full Description of materials in Description section.

    Note: The colour and dimensions of the product can vary due to lighting and camera effect. Credits to Lana RP as a beading artist and Gina’s Gem Creations
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  • necklace for women

    “Roses all around” -chain


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    Classy handmade ‘Roses all around’ necklace for women

    This unique handmade piece of jewelry has been specially designed to make every woman stand out in a beautiful way. Made with Swarovski elements, this adorable necklace for women will keep you feeling unique, special and confident. The cute necklace is also made with top quality material that guarantees durability over the years. Rest assured that a piece bought can last for many years and all you need to do is to keep it in a clean and safe place.


    • Toho seed beads
    • Miuyki seed beads
    • Roses petals small by Preciosa
    • Swarovski bicons
    • Size: 41 cm long and ring size is 6x6cm including flowers
    • Quality handmade, one of a kind, paying careful attention to detail.
    • Quality Guarantee
    The necklace has also been nicely crafted with roses that oozes nothing else, but class and beauty. The 6cm x 6cm ring size medal has also added ultimate sophistication to the piece of necklace. Besides, the adorable Toho beads used in making this jewellery have simply made it extremely attractive and a good sight to behold. Available in three colours, notably Green, Purple and Yellow/Blue, this 41 cm long necklace for women is versatile and can complement different kinds of outfits, be it formal or casual. The top-quality necklace for women is also one of the most affordable necklaces you will ever find in a jewelry online shop. “Beauty: the power by which a woman charms a lover and terrifies a husband. “-Ambrose Bierce  
  • Choker “Makov”


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    This stunning all handmade choker, will adorn any woman’s or girls neck! Materials used to make this beautiful necklace are Toho beads , genuine Swarovski stones and 100% natural silk ribbon which is gently fastened on neck. Length -63 cm and 1.6 cm in diameter.Have flower which is 9cm x 9 cm,droplets are 15cm long. The Chokers weight is 70 grams. The wearer of the Couture jewellery will never go unnoticed. This choker is also available in other colours. To buy this unique necklace “The Secret” please push the “Add to cart” button NOW!  
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  • Choker “The Secret”


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    A woman’s ultimate search for designer necklaces and handmade chokers never end until she finds the best piece available in town. Anything in black always steals the heart but a crystal black with blue hues is something out of the world. This handmade choker ‘’ The Secret’’ reveals exceptional fashion trends. Its super chic designer necklace style is made from Toho beads imported directly from Czech Republic. When worn on your neck, you will find it complementing your beauty in every sense. Apart from the extraordinary beads that reflect beautiful hue shades, this handmade choker utilises genuine Swarovski stones, a 100% natural silk ribbon which is gently fastened around the neck. The actual length of this necklace is 47cm. The beautiful flower design is 9cm*9 cm. The wearer of the necklace “The Secret” will never go unnoticed. Other colours are also exceptional to choose from. To buy this unique necklace “The Secret” please push the “Add to cart” button NOW!

    Please see the full Description of materials in Description section.

    Beauty doesn't need ornaments. Softness can't bear the weight of ornaments. -Munshi Premchand

    Note: The colour and dimensions of the product can vary due to lighting and camera effect. Credits to Lana RP as a beading artist and designer.
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