Jewellers are great accessories that can personalise outfits, thereby bringing out the unique personalities of different individuals. Generally, jewellers, including beaded earrings, fashion bracelets and even wedding jewellers, etc are often available in different themes, colours, shapes and sizes so it’s left to you to opt for what appeals to you most.

Nevertheless, although buying jewellers from the mall is a convenient way to add accessories to your wardrobe, many people face challenges when it comes to finding designs that are quite unique and different from the rest. This therefore explains why handmade jewellers are becoming extremely popular, especially on the online selling platforms. The truth is that handmade jewellery is always a fun alternative since they are always crafty and out of the ordinary. As a matter of fact, there are many advantages of handmade jewellers, but that could actually be a topic of its own. This article rather focuses on some of the most creative, unique and beautiful handmade jewellery ideas in 2019.

 Now, let’s look at them in the subsequent paragraphs:

1.Handmade jewellers that are inspired by nature.

Nature is beautiful and handmade jewellers that are inspired by nature will always stand out in a beautiful way. You will be surprised to realise that merely putting the simplest natural elements in your handmade jewellery will give it more class, elegance and ultimate sophistication. For instance, decorating your fashion bracelets with branches of leaves and a golden flower will give it a vintage-like appearance, thereby making it seem expensive. Nevertheless, aside from using natural elements such as stones, flowers, leaves, and crystals in your handmade jewellers, you can also opt to sculpture your jewellers and include the shape of natural things. For example, it’s possible to design wedding jewellers, fashion bracelets and earrings to include images of waves, trees, as well as those of your favourite animals etc. Well, the truth is that many people the world over love nature and once your handmade jewellers are a reflection of natural things, they will always be admired, and you can be sure to have many people even if you are trying to be alone for a while.


2.Handmade Beaded jewellery

One of the easiest ways of making handmade jewellers is to use beads. Even though beaded jewellery is not new, you can always be creative enough to come up with really unique, fun and classic themes for fashion bracelets, earrings and even wedding jewellers. For instance, you could use some unique colours and sizes of beads to come up with an outstanding jewelry design.

Moreover, you could as well mix beads with Swarovski crystals to create an adorable beaded earring. In the same way, you can create an exotic necklace by using attractive beads and a beautiful central medal. Also, multi strand beaded necklaces and fashion bracelets are equally very exquisite and classic. That said, the trick to designing unique handmade beaded jewellers is creativity. Thus, all you need to do is to think out of the box and while at it, be ready to explore the ideas that are in your imagination.

3.Handmade jewellers inspired by the seasons

Another handmade jewellery trends in 2019 is to create jewellers that match with the season. This simply means that the themes, ideas or shapes of your jewellery should sync with the season in question. For instance, during Valentine’s period, you should be creative enough to choose handmade jewellers that signify love and friendship. One of the ways to achieve this is by including heart shapes or the word ‘love’ to the jewellers you buy. Similarly, jewellers that have been designed to be rocked during the spring season can also be carved in the shape of beautiful leaves, even if they are made with bronze. Summer jewellers on the other hand should include bright colours and flowers. The rational here is that many people, especially women love using jewellers that can express their mood.

Well, it is evident that people have varying tastes when it comes to jewellery and other fashion accessories. Therefore, as a passionate to handmade jewelry, you need to be creative and to always be alert because you could be inspired by the most insignificant things around you. Of course, you should also use your imagination and be ready to explore many different concepts in a bid to create masterpieces.