Each woman loves and owns the best jewellery. They’ve been wearing accessories since stone ages to enhance their looks. Jewellery is often worn by men and women in certain cultures to demonstrate their social status. In ancient times, women used to wear eggshells, shells of the sea, colourful stones and feathers, but now they can wear gold, diamond, crystal and artificial jewellery. Our outfit is incomplete without jewellery, and for a beautiful and polished look, we must wear one or two pieces of jewellery. Many women think that with any dress they can wear any jewellery anywhere. This is a myth because if the jewellery is not picked correctly, it can ruin the appearance.

It is quite vital to have a good understanding of what we can wear each time, as each event has its requirement and style. For example, for every occasion you can’t wear a diamond necklace; similarly, you can’t wear a piece of marine shell jewellery for a wedding ceremony. The key is to know when or when you can’t wear it. I’ve made a list for you, so on certain occasions, you can have an idea of what you can wear.

Casual Occasions:

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For example, if you want to dress casually when you go out with your friends, go shopping or go to college or school, you need to go for single items. For casual occasions, small size jewellery is the best option. Your jewellery shouldn’t be too colourful every day and shouldn’t be too tall. It should be decent and straightforward, and at the same time, make you look elegant and straightforward.

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What can you wear?

If you wear a high neck or a V-neck top, for a stylish look, you can choose thin, delicate beaded necklaces and wear them both. You can select small gold or white gold bracelets for daily jewellery just like necklaces, as they concentrate well on your beautiful hands. On casual times, you can also wear a watch. On every occasion, wedding rings can be worn all the time and bracelets that are smaller in size and made of white or purple colour can also be worn every day. For casual occasions, you should never choose large or fancy earrings; in fact, you should choose decent looking earrings. You can wear small earrings of diamond or any earrings of gemstone that have no more than 2 – 4 cm in comprehensive. The tip is not to wear any new jewellery because wearing a lot of jewellery will make you look strange.

Formal Occasions:

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Most women are confusing them with professional opportunities, but there are quite different official occasions. These include events such as weddings, galas, opera and fundraising. In these events, you want to look elegant and beautiful, and jewellery can help you achieve these looks. In these events, you can show off your expensive jewellery, but I will still advise you not to wear more than two pieces, as it will focus too much on your jewellery, not you. So, take your expensive jewellery from diamond, pearl or other precious stone and Swarovski to look the best.

What can you wear?

Lariat necklace or an elegant look will give you a single long pendant. For deep necks and V-neck gowns or garments, they look great. If you want to achieve a formal look, never forget to wear earrings. Wear pendants or long earrings that suit earrings whether you’re wearing an updo or leaving your hair open. Your wedding and engagement ring or diamond rings will steal everyone’s attention, so when you go to a formal occasion, wear them with confidence. Big beaded bracelets or flora bracelets will always look sophisticated and delicate on you, so select them with your favourite gown or lacy top.

Party Occasions:


Birthday parties, dinner parties, clubbing cocktail parties or a bae dinner is included in the occasions of parties. The best thing about these occasions is that you can wear something literally. You don’t have to worry if it’s too sparkling, too big, or even too thin. If you like it and it goes with your dress to a great extent, then go without hesitation. Before you choose your jewellery, one thing you need to remember is never going overboard with it. Always wear one or two pieces of jewellery at a time because if you wear too much jewellery, you’re going to look like a disco ball and you’re going to give everyone a wrong impression.sparky jewelleryhandmade necklace


What can you wear?

You can choose any jewellery, as mentioned above. You can wear necklaces with large or small gemstone or thick beaded gold chains for accessories. You can also wear a single time 2 or 3 thin and short state necklaces. If your dress has shiny fabric or pearls, I would recommend you go for not too long, everyday necklaces. You can also wear any kind of bracelet; this year’s trend is for bracelets with big chains. On parties, you can wear arm cuffs as well.  If you want to look unique, you can also go for smaller rings with enormous stones or quirky as larger rings catch the attention of people.

Loop earrings or colourful gemstone earrings should be on your list as they make heads turn when you go for parties. This year, mismatched earrings are trendy and the best options when you go to a party. You can also go with your pendant for earrings that suit so that you can look pretty cute.

Professional Occasions:

In professional occasions, the regular job at the workplace, professional meetings, and interviews are included. Many women know what to wear on these professional occasions, but other women also need to be told. Because an employee or boss who jingles and jangles as she walks is found distracting and annoyed. When you want to dress up for formal occasions, small and respectable pieces should be considered as too shiny, and big jewels can make a wrong impression. An office is not a place where you can show off your large, colourful or expensive jewellery. The key is to wear decent jewellery that doesn’t distract yourself or others.

Only if your office environment is not conventional and you work in a creative environment would you wear bright or large jewellery? For instance, women working in agencies or art galleries for modelling.

What can you wear?

You can choose to wear small and thin pieces of metal or small stones, just like everyday jewellery. You shouldn’t wear those pieces that spark a lot that can blind your colleagues or parts that make them noisy. You may wear stud earrings that suit your outfit or tiny earrings that don’t look sparkly for office hours. You can also wear rings of precious that are painted rose gold or white gold. Your ring is not supposed to be too big, so it will not distract anyone. If you want to look professional, then with your office dress, you have to choose small and sleek bracelets. If you type or write, a bracelet that is too heavy will annoy you. Necklaces are not preferred at work, but you can wear small and thin necklaces with a small pendant if you like to wear them.


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It’s quite a myth that when you spend holidays with your parents, you can’t wear jewellery. Most women think that leaving all the jewellery at home is safest, but I’m going to tell you not. Because without jewels, a woman looks incomplete. You can wear bright jewellery or jewellery made of seashells if you’re going to a beach party. The pieces of jewelry from the seashell are fashionable and look fresh and feminine. Also, in style for beach days are thin gold chains. If you’re hiking, I’ll advise you to leave your precious home jewellery. But with a secure grip, you can wear small earrings, so you don’t lose them or necklaces with beautiful metal as they look decent and complete your look. If you’re going on a holiday with your significant other and you’re going to have a romantic dinner there, then leaving your jewellery at home isn’t the best idea. It would be best if you took with you small, simple pieces, so on your dinner date, you look beautiful and charming.handcrafted lacy earrings


Jewellery’s role in a woman’s life is quite significant, and it helps to achieve the looks. It’s crucial to choose the right jewellery for every occasion because if you don’t even know what to wear on a given event, you’ll end up looking miserable.


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Author- Lana Royal