About You….

What’s the need to fill the world with such art-filled beautiful things? This might be a question for others, but you do understand it.

It’s You who have shed light on the fact that wearing and owning a Royal Panther Jewelry makes you feel special. The secret behind everyone that you have has a beautiful feminine touch. The touch that every unique piece of hand-crafted couture can mean for you.


Royal Panther JewelryLet me introduce myself. My name is Lana RP a Jewellery Designer behind the Luxury brand Royal Panther Jewelry based in Mornington, Australia. Royal Panther’ exclusive jewellery is designed to suit diverse customers. The RP Jewelry is known to mix contemporary/high-quality beads, stones and elements.

With over 15 years of fashion design experience, I carefully crafted every piece with love to detail.  Getting unique and high-end handmade jewellery in Australia can be difficult, and so I am providing my customers with the following services. There is a huge collection of different accessories to select from.

In case you have your design in your mind, you can send it to me, and I will change your image into reality. Seeing the most beautiful version of ‘You’ is what inspires my work.

Feel free to browse around and drop in a line or two. I would also be happy to answer your questions and accept your suggestions throughout the email.


I explore just one or two aesthetics each year. That is because I prefer quality and not quantity. Here’s how I kind of breakdown the months in a year.

January to March – It’s the Winter curated collection that has my time and attention.

April to June – Knowing my clients and their dream jewellery and gowns are essential. Along with that, I start on the next curated collection. This decides how the rest of the year gets framed. Depending on a few factors like garment complexity, it’s usually 1-2 months.

July to September – It’s the second half of the year, and I am now onto the Summer curated collections.

October to December – The year always has to finish with a bang. So, once again, I start knowing my clients and giving the very best for the year ahead. Similar to the April-June cycle, I work on the lines just to make sure that you do have memorable Jewelry by the year-end.

So, now you know that I do plan and have a routine to follow. I don’t mess with it because I never want my clients to devalue the jewellery you create with me. Further, my aesthetic develops continuously, as I keep exploring new ideas and so each Royal Panther Jewelry you have represented a distilled moment in time. It’s always hand-crafted. So, it’s Unique, precious, personal. A reflection of both Royal Panther Jewelry and you!

Your’s  with love Lana RP

Beaded Jewelry

Some women are in love with the vintage and antique Beaded Jewelry because they are unable to find the pieces that they have been looking for. I have the skills to reinvent the jewellery with a modern twist and provide you the exact replica of the vintage Beaded Jewelry that you might have been looking for.
The Royal Panther stylish jewellery will match your personality and style. You will easily find the jewellery that you have been looking for. My products are long-lasting and they will not lose their shine and quality even if you wear them on a regular basis.

All my customers are satisfied with the Jewelry in Australia and they have been continuously placing the order. I try to add a new collection to my display after a few days so that you will have something new to look forward to. All customers trust my services and that is why I have a high reputation in the market. I will assure that all rates will meet your budget and needs!