So let’s see which the most expensive Jewellery in the World!

There are lots of jewellery types that are being used by different women. These jewelry pieces utilised as per their designs and structure. Every woman likes not all of them. Any particular design or shape attracts any woman and then she picked it even considering how much it will cost to her. You might wonder after knowing that she will purchase the jewelry piece at any cost if she liked it.

This massive craziness and love for jewellery are natural in women. They like to wear such things that shine and sparklers. Also, they want things that have high values and expensive to purchase. In this way, they feel that they are precious and have some value in life.

Well, this is quite a craziness and foolishness of thinking like this, but to wear this thing is not such a foolish step to take. Women should wear Handmade jewelry because it is meant only for women.

As is described above, there are lots of mechanical and Handmade jewellery types available in the market, and most of them are quite expensive. Their expensiveness depends upon the material and some other factors, which most of the women may not know.

So, we are here to tell you about some of the most expensive jewellery types that you cannot get from any of the local or Online jewellery shops:

Wittelsbach-Graff  Diamond

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One of the costliest materials using in jewellery is the Wittelsbach-Graff diamond. As it understood that the jewel is commonly made of only two elements. One is a diamond, and the other is Gold. Both materials possess different values, but the diamond has extraordinary value in the market. In this case, the Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond is considered one of the most expensive diamond to be used in pieces of jewellery. It is 35-65 carat diamond that possesses the value of almost $80 million. It is quite a considerable amount that a wealthy and landlord person can own this. In 2008, there was a British Jeweler that bought this diamond at $23.4 million, and he removed almost 4.5 carats from it. This thing infuriated other jewellers, but then it ended up by improving its value. It sold to a Qatari Royal Family at the rate of $80 million in 2011.

This diamond is blue, offering the most amusing shines and sparkles. It is quite surprising that if a person sees it once, then he/she will desire to see it again, and in the case of women, they die to have this diamond in their jewelry.

Pink Star Diamond Ring


Pink Star Dimond Ring is another one of the most expensive jewellery in the market. This thing also is made of diamond which still holds the title of most costly ring sold ever in the history at an auction.

This ring contains a beautiful pink coloured diamond ring which weighs almost 60 carats. It was cut from a 132.5 carat stone and then placed into the ring. This expensive jewellery item is using in both Royal families and private collections.

The worth rate of this masterpiece was bid almost $83 million at its first auction, while the buyer had the default on its purchase. Then the second bidder ended up paying $72 million, which is now its current cost.

Hope Diamond

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Hope Diamond is another one of the most expensive jewellery that is used by the people. It is a bluish coloured diamond weighing almost 45.52 carats which offer an amazing and beautiful factor after wearing it. This diamond is considered quite expensive, and people think that its worth rate is hundreds of million dollars. The reason that no one had bought it till now. It has been placed for hundreds of years, but in all these years, no one ever tried to sell or purchase this diamond.

This diamond was donated to Smithsonian Institute by the Harry Winston in 1958, while it was originally the collection of Louis XIV. Since after the donation, it has been placed and held for the display in Smithsonian Institute.

Peacock Brooch by Graff


You may not even believe that this brooch cost almost $100 million. It contains more than 1300 gemstones weighing 120.81 carats. It is deep blue and made in the heart-shaped, which makes it more beautiful and elegant.

L’Incomparable Necklace

This necklace is considered one of the most expensive accessories around the world. It values almost $55 million. Manufactured in heart-shaped containing nearly hundreds of gems on it.

The Orange


The orange is one of the most vivid orange diamonds in the world. It is orange in colour, and its worth rate is almost $36 million, while it sold at the price of $35.5 million in 2013 in an auction.

The Graff Pink

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The Graff pink is another one of the most expensive jewellery in the world. It is a 25 carats pink coloured diamond which sold at the rate of $46.2 million in an auction held in 2010.

Hutton-Mdivani Jadeite Necklace by Cartier

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It a green coloured necklace which is round in shape, and has diameter is 15.4 to 19.2 mm. It is one of the oldest jewellers considered in the world. Its worth rate is $27.44 million right now.

The Zoe Diamond


Zoe Diamond is another one of the most expensive jewellery in the world. First displayed in the collection of Mrs Paul Mellon. Its colour is deep blue, which possesses the worth rate of $32.6 million at this time.

Chopard’s 201 Carat Watch

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It is a watch that considered as a kind of jewellery.  It is 201 carats in weight that possesses almost 874 diamonds in its manufacturing. At this time, its worth rate is $24 million, which is quite a colossal rate of any watch this time.

So, above has described the list of top 10 most expensive jewellery in the world. If you are wanting to purchase any of the Jewellery, then ideally consider their rates because they are highly beyond the budget of most of the people.


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