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  • crystal rings online wedding rings 2019



    or 4 payments of $17.50 with

       "Crystal"- rings

    Everything on the day of your wedding should be flawless and smooth just like the bond of you two. The most prominent thing of a wedding is the ring that a groom slides into the finger of a lady to turn her into his lifelong partner so it is meant to steal all the limelight and heart of the audience present. No wedding ring is as magnificent as a Swarovski crystal ring and we bring you the glorious of all the wedding rings 2019. These rings feature a large crystal in the middle of a circle of smaller crystals. All of these crystals are handpicked with special care to look impeccable in the hand of the lady who wears it. You can buy this outstanding ring in two colours- black and white.

    If you are a working woman or just someone looking for a fascinating ring to add to your jewellery collection, this ring is worth all your attention. It is light in weight, looks glorious in hand of any woman, and is great to be worn each day. It goes well with every dress you can decide to wear any day of the week. Here are some other features of the product:
    • Shining and crystal clear gemstones inserted in the ring
    • Made from durable, strong, and lifelong material
    • Easy to fit and look magnificent in any hand
    • Light in weight to help you wear it with ease
    • Perfect to go with any dress and compliment any look
    • Breathtakingly beautiful than all other rings in the market
    • Worth of all the dollars you have to spend on the ring
    This ring is perfect for any lady to wear. If you are getting married, it will serve as an amazing wedding ring and if you are a woman who prefers to buy her own crystals, you can’t have a ring better than this. Show your class and elegance by adding this ring to your jewellery collection. You can either go out and search for a perfect wedding ring or can sit at your home with ease and place an order for our crystal rings.

    Please see the full Description of materials in Description section.

    Note: The colour and dimensions of the product can vary due to lighting and camera effect. ring size chart
  • wedding jewellery wedding jewellery Australia

    “Trio Opulence”-full set


    or 4 payments of $59.00 with

    Jewelry can make women’s day and a prefect and well coloured ornament enhance the grace and attraction of any diva. Here you have got a sparkling triangle jewellery set with charming necklace, bracelet and twinkling earrings.
    • The 3.5 cm long earrings with the combination of gold Fine Toho seed beads and Swarovski drops.
    • A bracelet available in 3 different sizes and 1.6 cm wide
    • Choker around 46 cm long and almost 3.8 cm long in the centre ornament, 2.8 cm width included drops on the sides and on the back 1 cm width

      The colour combination of ruby, white/silver and gold gives the set its own charm and beauty.Its complete handmade jewelry set with the use of refined craftsmanship and a brilliant balance of colour along with the use of durable and lasing material.


    •  Toho seed beads Galvanised Starlight
    • Swarovski drops
    • Miuyki seed beads
    • Wire Protector, Rose Gold Filled
    • Clasp Rose Gold
    • Earnings  sterling silver Post & Ends
    The set lets you to wear it according to your preference and choice. It is a perfect gift to show your gratitude and love to a special friend, mother or anyone you love or like.

    Major highlights

    • Three ornament handmade set
    • Pair of earrings
    • Bracelet(bangle) is available in three sizes
    • Choker with ruby and white/silver seed beads and Galvanised Starlight touch
    • No blacking or damaging
    • Sparkling clean and attractive
    • Included  jewellery box   and care instruction

        You can order any of the handmade wedding jewelry ornaments or accessories from our handmade jewellery online store. Here you can find out a huge variety of  full set, bracelets, rings and other accessories to compliment your personality and add charm to your special day look. Moreover you can check out variety of bracelets or rings for the casual or for formal events as well. Order your sparkly ornaments from us NOW.

    "She walks in beauty like the night". -Lord Byron

  • handmade rings

    “Roses Petal”-rings


    or 4 payments of $14.00 with

    “Style is a something each of us already has, all we need to do is find it” Dianne von Furstenberg

      Don’t keep your fingers crossed, let them radiate a refined taste of elegance. Our rose ring made from lovely Swarovski crystals, attractive Toho seed beads and Preciosa would keep your fingers the centre of attraction. Make that empty ring finger come alive with our handmade rings and add to your overall impeccable look. Add to your style and design your look with our wedding jewellery and handmade rings. Our rose ring is of a Size #6-#13, the impeccable size to make your finger look attractive. Wear our "Roses Patel" rings displaying the world quality and beautiful Toho  and Miuyki seeds it is made of and add to that overall charm you have in your look. Let that empty finger become full of beauty, elegance, style and ingenious simplicity as it is a homemade ring. With a weight of ..., our  rings are light on your finger. You feel no stress in carrying our piece of adornment as it is made of high quality durable Preciosa designed with a unique precision-cut crystal glass to prevent heaviness. Your finger is definitely bound to showcase and attract attention just the way you want it. Available in a variety of colours, arouse your complete look with our handmade ring made with distinct components of Swarovski crystals. Thinking of what to wear to that next event that would match your clothing, this Rose ring is a perfect match and would keep your finger attractive and ensure your fingers is in the palm of many admirers.


    • Preciosa components
    • Swarovski elements
    • Toho and Miuyki seed beads
    The Swarovski crystals used in creating our brand of handmade rings and wedding jewellery rings are of the best quality designed to give it a diamond look and for a perfect fashion trend. The Preciosa used in making this handmade ring is of transparent and fine crystal glass accurately cut to ‘reflect your beauty’. As a supplement, the taco seed beads used gave the rose ring a design of a perfect shape and it helped our rose ring look that light yet elegant.
  • Online Jewellery shop Online Jewellery shop

    “Triangular”-full set


    or 4 payments of $61.50 with

    In online Jewellery shop you can purchase the Elegant and refined "Triangular" full set to create a whole new look in an instant. The full set include earrings which are 3cm long and 2.3cm wide.Bracelet which have 3 size to choose from and 3.5 cm wide.Main beaded choker which is 73 cm long, have components which are 3.5 cm wide.Easy to combine with any outfit. Materials: * Triangle beads * Swarovski crystal elements * Preciosa beads * 11/0 Toho seed neads * Clasp Nickel plated * Wire Protector Sterling silver * earrings hook Sterling Silver "A thing of beauty is a joy forever: its loveliness increases; it will never pass into nothingness."- John Keats
  • handmade jewellery melbourne handmade jewellery melbourne

    “Art Deco”-ring


    or 4 payments of $18.50 with

    The handmade jewellery melbourne from Royal Panther are made to impressed. The size of the flower on top is 3.5 x 3.5 cm. Description: * Cup chain Round Bezel,Preciosa * seed Bead Miyuki Rocailles DCOAT Galvanized Gold * Swarovski crystal Rivoli * Toho seedbeads "Women’s beauty, like men’s wit, is generally fatal to the owners." -Lord Chesterfield How to choose the size!
  • handmade jewelry rings handmade jewelry rings

    “Swarovski cups”-ring


    or 4 payments of $18.75 with

    The handmade jewelry rings from Royal Panther are made to impressed. Ss pretty and bright as a new dime. Description: * Cup chain Round Bezel, Swarovski * seed Bead Miyuki Rocailles DCOAT Galvanized Silver * Swarovski crystal Rivoli * Toho seedbeads "Beauty has a lot to do with character". -Kevyn Aucoin How to choose the size!  
  • handcrafted handcrafted

    “Passionate set”


    or 4 payments of $33.50 with

    Very beautiful and elegant set which include earrings and bracelet. Handmade jewellery is a difficult task but if done nicely then the resulting product would become a fashion symbol. “Passionate set” is also one of these finest sets of jewellery, expertly handcrafted using attractive and the higher quality beads. Alluring handcrafted bracelets with equally matching earrings are just marvellous. The choice of trendy coloured beads makes the whole set just amazing. Perfect choice as a wedding gift to give a royal touch. Amazing surprise for your best mate who loves jewellery.  In all season, this set of beaded bracelets earrings will brighten your outfit. Compelling match with fancy gowns or formal party dresses, drawing attention towards you. Delicacy is the hallmark of this set of fascinating bracelet and earrings. This handcrafted set is light and comfortable to be used on any occasion. The size of bracelets is flawless, highlighting the wrists. Similarly, earrings curved with beads giving a floral touch to the pattern is just enthralling. The silver nickel hooks of these earrings declare the faultless presentation. Swarovski elements give sparkling tint to this set. Complete your captivating look with this ‘Passionate set’, available in two main colours and 3 sizes. And just for the jewellery lovers who can’t wait after seeing this product, the price is nominal. Unique and amazing set ,very light and comfortable to wear on any occasions. Complete your look with the "Passionate Set"

      If you looking to buy just earrings from this set, we’ve got it “Passionate earrings”.   Outstanding beauty, like outstanding gifts of any kind, tends to get in the way of normal emotional development, and thus of that particular success in life which we call happiness. -Milton R. Sapirstein

             Please see the full Description of materials in Description section.

    Note: The colour and dimensions of the product can vary due to lighting and camera effect.
  • costume jewellery Australia costume jewellery Australia

    “Winter Flowers” necklace


    or 4 payments of $82.50 with

    Magnificent Handmade ‘Winter Flower’ Set of Necklace & Earrings for Women

    This set of beautiful jewelries has been specially designed to accent the neckline and ears. The flowers necklace set include earrings which is made with Swarovski bicones and pearls is all shades of stylish, classy and high fashion, without having to compromise comfort. The top-quality jewellery set is also quite versatile, since it can conveniently be rocked to any event whether formal or informal. The jewelries have also been crafted with Toho beads, which have given them ultimate sophistication. These jewelries are also relatively affordable, and it may interest you to know that with them, you will appear expensive like a royalty, even though you don’t need to break a bank to own one.

    Moreover, the adorable set of costume jewellery Australia is available in a trendy blue and silver variations. Besides, the dimension of the necklace is 45cm long, whereas that of the earring is 5.5cm. Above all, this fashion set is also easy to clean and maintain. “ Flowers... are a proud assertion that a ray of beauty out values all the utilities of the world.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

    Please see the full Description of materials in Description section.

    Note: The colour and dimensions of the product can vary due to lighting and camera effect.
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  • wedding jewellery Australia wedding jewellery Australia

    “Grapes” set


    or 4 payments of $67.00 with

    Swarovski Crystals, Toho beads, amazing pearls and more...flawless designs. Delightful Necklace Sets Online of necklace and earrings made from unblemished pearls, handsome glossy stones with intriguing matrix in Brown/Red set. Using lipstick red Swarovski bicones in Wedding version and Precoisa glossy stones candy red colour in Brown/Red set. Both aproxx 70 g. Wedding set have Swarovski pendant AB colour 2.2cm long. Brown set have 1.5 cm long pendant plus bicones.

    Caring: Wipe with a clean cotton swab when needed.

    How goodness heightens beauty! -Milan Kundera

    Please see the full Description of materials in Description section.

    Note: The colour and dimensions of the product can vary due to lighting and camera effect. Credit to Lana RP as a beaded artist and Gina's Gem Creation.
  • Sale!

    Handbag “Poppy”

    $1,960.00 $1,850.00
    Firstly I would like to say this is an EXCLUSIVE HANDBAG. Limited edition ,which means only few bags will be sold! Make sure you buy it NOW to avoid disappointment! Made with high quality Toho beads, the floral design "Poppies" is bespoke. Measurements: length- 23 cm; height-16,5 cm; width- 9cm. The bottom of the bag has a rounded silhouette.It has two handles L38 cm x 2cm in diameter. Colour: Black ,lined with 100% pure cotton and one slotted pocket H11cm x W7cm. Suitable for day-to-night wear. This Designer handbag "Poppy" is a must-have investment for our Ladies! Please make sure you check the Video of this exclusive item!Push the "Add to cart" button NOW as I mentioned before this is a Limited Edition!
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  • Hoop “Flower”


    or 4 payments of $187.50 with

    Dear Ladies you cannot lose opportunity to have this eyes-catching hoop to garnish your hair.It has 32 cm length and 10 cm width (in the centre), on the both edges – 3cm width.On the front side of the hoop we can see beautiful flowers ( each have 8 cm width).Inside the item is genuine black leather.Inside each flower attached Swarovski elements which reminds us about amazing morning dew on the fresh grass.Very soft satin ribbons will hold your hoop on your hair nicely. The Hoop “Flower” you can wear on you next party now!It will be a wonderful decoration for brides on there wedding day ( order it individually).Each flower was made with lots of love to our customers. If you wish to purr with delight please push the “Add to cart” button NOW!!!!
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