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    Bracelets are one of the best accessories a woman can wear in her wrist and there is no better bracelet than our dragon beaded bracelet. It has been made with high-quality beads chosen after careful inspection. All of the beads are sewed at a properly defined distance to give the bracelet an elegant look. It is a perfect jewelry to wear to office, a party, on a trip with friends or on just a lazy morning when you are out to get yourself brunch. It comes in classic black and rich red colour that makes an outstanding combination like always. Its colour and design make it a best option for a gift to a loved one.

    Since the dragon bracelets have become famous, you can find them placed in shelves of walk-in stores and in online jewelry shop as well. What makes our dragon bracelets flawless for you to wear is their beauty, elegance, design, durability and price. After a bracelet is made, it goes through testing to make sure you get a perfect piece. It can fit in wrist of any size so if you are looking for a bracelet to add charm to your wrist, your bracelet is just a click away!

    Please see the full Description of materials in Description section.

    Beauty, like supreme dominion, is best supported by opinion. -Jonathan Swift

    Note: The colour and dimensions of the product can vary due to lighting and camera effect. Credits to Lana PR as a beading artist and Michele Leonardo
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    “Rose petals garden”-bracelets


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    Adorable handmade "Rose Petals garden"  bracelets for women

    This piece of bracelet is simply charm at its best. The adorable bracelet has been designed from a place of love and that explains why it incorporates many roses. It’s the perfect accessory to enhance your confidence and make you adjust your crown like the QUEEN you truly are. The handmade jewelry accessory also has Swarovski elements that give it a glittering and flattering effect. This affordable bracelet will make you appear expensive and sophisticated, even though you didn’t spend a fortune to purchase it.

    The handmade bracelet is available in three colours, namely Persian Turquoise, Blue, and Iris/green.. These colours are quite trendy and will easily blend with any outfit, irrespective of its colour and style. Rest assured you can conveniently and confidently rock this masterpiece jewellery to any event, whether it’s a formal gathering or an informal event. The piece of handmade bracelet is simply a fashion statement and you will never go wrong with it. Also, the cute handmade online jewelry is made with top quality material that makes it impossible to easily depreciate. It’s amazing that this accessory looks authentic and solid, but yet the most affordable handmade jewelry online.

        “Beauty without virtue is a rose without fragrance.” -German and Danish proverbs

    Please see the full Description of materials in Description section.

    Note: The colour and dimensions of the product can vary due to lighting and camera effect.
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    “Crystal Blossom”-bracelets


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    "Crystal Blossom"-bracelet

    Crystal jewellery is admired by women across the globe and it is evident that only the name of the jewellery is enough to send them in a deep thought about the designs they would love to buy. However, finding the designs that women dream off is not as simple as it may sound. One has to go from shop to shop or surf for hours on the internet and still find nothing matched. We understand your struggle and the importance of your dreams, so we bring you "Crystal Blossom" luxury bracelet.

    It is a perfect combination of floral patterns and solid crystal. These bracelets come in white base with blue and  deep blue and pink pearls placed in the shape of the flowers. They come in 3 sizes to ensure that every woman gets the chance to be and feel beautiful. These are ideal to be worn at any party or on every day meetups. While there are different types of jewellery that you find stacked in the shelves of the stores or buy from e-commerce platforms, we guarantee that you will mention these bracelets as the best beaded jewelry Australia. We insist that you place an order to add elegance to your wrist with this ornament. "Even in the centuries which appear to us to be the most monstrous and foolish, the immortal appetite for beauty has always found satisfaction." -Charles Baudelaire

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    Note: The colour and dimensions of the product can vary due to lighting and camera effect.
  • wedding bracelets 2019 wedding bracelets 2019



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    "City"- bracelet

    You can come across a thousand bracelets in the most famous shops but still walk out with empty hands and fail at the attempt of finding a bracelet that goes well with everything you wear. To end your tiresome journey from one shop to another we bring you wedding bracelet 2019 with Swarovski elements. This bracelet has six rows of Swarovski pearls and an oval covered with pearls right in the middle. Not only it looks impeccable with every dress present in your closet but gives you a royal and decent look. It wraps around the wrist of any size and the pin lock secures it from falling down at any moment. It is as light as a feather making it easy and comfortable for you to wear it 24/7 without even realising it.

        If you are soon bride to be, this Swarovski bracelet will stand out of all the wedding bracelets 2019 collection any shop has. Just imagine how mystical you will look by wearing pearls around your wrist along with your wedding dress on your special day. If you are a groom looking for a flawless wedding gift for the love of your life, we guarantee you this will be the best gift you can ever buy for her. Your spouse is guaranteed to fall in love with this bracelet just like she fell in love with you! It is durable, can pass all the tests of the time and will stay with you all your life. Warranty included in all our accessories !

    Apart from wedding, it is ideal to be worn on any party or major event for a more luxurious look. To get a chance to wear this Swarovski bracelet place your order right away! It comes at an affordable price and worth all your dollars.

      "Beauty in things exists in the mind which contemplates them". -David Hume

    Please see the full Description of materials in Description section.

    Note: The colour and dimensions of the product can vary due to lighting and camera effect.
  • charming bracelet charming bracelet

    “Cushions”- bracelet


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    “Cushions” bracelets

    Jewelry is made for women to give a flourish and beautiful looks. We have a charming bracelet collection which can make your day perfect and gives an attractive and delegate looks. Here you can order charming and fancy bracelets with multiple colour shading. The "Cushions" bracelet composition, colour combinations and design make it attractive and can be worn with any dress or on any occasion. It’s a complete handmade bracelet with the creativity and refined technique of craftsmanship. It is a combination of different colour beads with the durable material. It is a complete package of charming and fancy things that go with any of the events whether it’s a wedding, party or a formal gathering.

    The bracelet is designed as per the preference of the ladies of all ages and loved the way it is crafted. You can present it as a gift to your loved one or to a special friend or any special women of your life, it is one of the best ways to express your gratitude. On our store, there are multiple of handmade articles and a variety of bracelets for different occasions. Fancy bracelets for the wedding events, charming and delegate bracelets for the gifts and presents are available all you have to do - just visit our online store now and select the bracelet of your choice. Here is the huge variety of other ornaments and articles in rings, choker, and earnings and even in full set. You have a large variety on your single browsing.

    "She was as...beautiful as the devil, and twice as dangerous." -Dashiell Hammett Please see the full Description of materials in Description section.

    Note: The colour and dimensions of the product can vary due to lighting and camera effect.
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    A wrist is barren and boring without bangles. Women all over the globe loved to wear bangles in order to make their look more appealing. If you are a graceful lady looking for the best bangles 2019, then let us assure you that this product will catch your heart for sure! While the world offers you metal and plastic bangles, we offer you "Crystal "-bangles that will set you on a different and higher level of elegance. These bangles are made from solid, high-quality seed beads and gemstones,  Swarovski elements. The presence of the shiny gems overall the bangles make the bangles shine brighter than any other jewelry you have in your jewellery box.


    • Toho seed beads
    • Miuyki seed beads
    • Swarovski bicons
    • Preciosa gemstones
    These bangles come in four solid colours (Ruby/Jet, Crystal-clear, Green/Gold and Silver) to go with all the dresses you have in your wardrobe. Whether you are aiming to wear a casual tee with your jeans or a formal party gown, these bangles will complement your look in the best way. Knowing that you deserve nothing than the perfect, we have designed and made each bangle from hands without using machines. It is your chance to order a classic handmade jewellery online before it runs out of the stock. " A fair face without a fair soul is like a glass eye that shines and sees nothing." -John Stuart Blackie
  • fashion bracelets handmade bracelets

    “Roses Petal-large”- bracelets


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     “Beauty is a nectar that intoxicates the soul” Hanley T. C

      Wrap your wrists around our beautiful handmade bracelets made from fine Toho seed beads, beautiful Swarovski crystals and Preciosa. Designed as a rose to give you that blooming look, this fashion bracelet is made to sparkle your look as it combines well with any other fashion item you think of wearing adding an elegance to whatever you are wearing and giving you a long lasting appeal. The bracelets made with high quality durable Preciosa designed as a unique precision-cut crystal glass to prevent fading, scratching or tarnishing, your wrist is bound to showcase and attract attention just the way you want it. The bracelets are light on your wrist easily displaying the world quality and beautiful Miuyki and Toho seeds it is made of, adding that charm to your look and ultimately creating that dapper look and yet leaving no strain of heaviness. Just the perfect way for you to handle and carry yourself!


    • Preciosa components
    • Swarovski elements
    • Miuyki and Toho seed beads
    • Magnetic clasp Silver
    • Sterling silver wire protector
    Available in two main colours: Red and Green. The Swarovski crystals used gave the rose bracelets an overall diamond look.Thanks to the addition of these components and our experience in handmade products, our beautiful rose large bracelet is looking polished, creative and beautiful.
  • quality jewellery quality jewellery

    “Miss Daisy”-bracelets


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    Complement your fashion with our quality jewellery designed to add taste to your gracefulness. This brand of our floral jewellery would make you feel like royalty, brighten up your wrist and polish your overall look. Designed with high quality Toho and Miuyki seed beads, fine Preciosa components and Swarovski crystals, your appearance is surely bound to be rich in beauty. "Miss Daisy" are have 3 Sizes to choose from, the perfect size to make you look timeless in grace. Made with high quality durable Swarovski crystals, "Miss daisy" is a quality jewelry designed to attract positive attention to you. Thinking of what to wear that would match your clothing, "Miss daisy"- our floral jewellery would align with any choice of clothing and help you to catch that attention. Weighing just ..., "Miss daisy" are light on your wrist easily displaying the world quality and beautiful Preciosa it is made of, adding to the complete charm you intend to have. Designed as a floral jewelry, let your hands be covered in beauty. Just like a flower bloom with sunshine, let your hands blossom with "Miss daisy" as sunshine.

    Available in two different colours, this quality jewellery is made of fine Toho seed beads designed to enhance the complete look of our floral jewelry. Our bracelets are designed as a decorative bracelet to give you that long lasting appeal making you to showcase and attract the attention you desire. The Toho seed beads same as Miuyki seed beads used in creating our brand of quality jewellery are of the best quality designed to your taste and of the fashion trend you want. The Toho seed beads are used because they are of a perfect shape with a bigger hole making the creation of a light bead with thinner walls much easier, helping our floral jewelry to look that light yet elegant. The Preciosa used in making this quality jewellery is of high quality, and it is a transparent and fine crystal glass accurately cut to ‘reflect your beauty’. As a supplement to all these components, the Swarovski crystals used gave "Miss daisy" an overall diamond look.

    “The creation of beauty is art” Ralph W. Emerson

    Please see the full Description of materials in Description section.

    Note: The colour and dimensions of the product can vary due to lighting and camera effect. Credits to: Lana RP as a beaded artist and Valerie Felcetto.
  • unique bracelets unique bangles

    “Fancy Faux”-bangles


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    A piece of jewellery is often a piece of art. This is definitely true for bracelets in every aspect. It is normal for any woman to want to look beautiful and breathtaking everywhere they go. It is a very natural behavior that is considered normal for women. Jewelry is one of the exceptional accessories that women use to add to their existing beauty and they may very well do so as bracelets undoubtedly look good on them. You can now get your very own top-quality and world-class bracelets from us today! Each and every inch of our bracelet is designed by our very own team of experts who have countless years of experience.You will find that the quality and standards of our unique bracelets are the highest possible. Our bracelets are made from extremely attractive Swarovski pearls and bicones. Also embedded with extraordinary and stunning Miyuki seed beads which are basically Japanese seed beads that are known for their uniform size and cut consistency standards.


    • Swarovski pearls and bicones
    • Sterling Silver clasp
    • Miyuki seed-beads
    The bracelets in Australia  ,which we make also have a magnetic clasp , take them off with complete ease. The magnetic clasp provides a strong grip for an ideal snug fit. Some of the bracelets come with sterling Silver clasps which provide a secure fastening mechanism. You can also get this bracelet in a number of beautiful colours with each having their own distinct and stunning look that you can choose the bracelet that best suits you. Our bangles are designed to be worn at all occasions and events. It will provide you with the ideal accessory that will easily match your outfit while making you look exceptionally beautiful and amazing. Quality is what we strive for in all of our products including this bracelet. If you are looking for the best bracelets, then you must check out our collection for sure!
  • bracelets online bracelets online



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    If you are planning to get an accessory for any occasion or event then be sure to definitely check this absolutely magnificent piece of  handmade  jewellery out. Your style is a reflection of your attitude and personality. Bracelets are one of the best go-to jewellery items when women want to look beautiful. One great benefit of bracelets online is that you can wear them anywhere you want from special occasions and events to simply wearing them daily. "Candy" bracelet make you look fantastic without the need of any effort. You can just simply wear it, and you are ready to go! You can now get yourself one of the best bracelets in terms of both looks and quality from us. You will not find any other marvellous bracelets anywhere else. This is a very unique design that you will rarely ever see anyone wearing them.

    One of the key factors that separate our bracelet "Candy" from the rest is that our bracelets are hand-crafted from the best quality materials available. Each tiny detail  is put together by hand to ensure top-notch perfection. This bracelet is made from stunning superb quality Preciosa beads which are exclusively designed and manufactured in the Czech Republic. Some of the stones are even sprayed with 24 karat gold which makes the bracelet even more pragmatic looking. Apart from that, the bracelet is also put together using marvellous Toho seed beads from Japan that are cut with precision and are also considered one of the finest beads in the world. The flawless use of the Toho seed beads makes this bracelet very special. Also has a magnetic clasp so that you can wear the bracelet "Candy" and take them off with complete ease. The magnetic clasp provides a strong grip for an ideal snug fit. All these components put together form one of the most amazing and beautiful pieces of jewellery that you will ever see. The striking looks and stunning design can only be found in this bracelet and nowhere else! This bracelet is designed to perfectly match and look good with all types of clothing.

    Please see the full Description of materials in Description section.

    Note: The colour and dimensions of the product can vary due to lighting and camera effect.
  • unique beaded bracelets unique beaded bracelets

    “Art Deco”-bangle


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       Unique beaded bracelets from Royal Panther have 3 sizes to choose from.The beaded bangle "Art Deco" made from high quality seed beads and Swarovski elements. Materials: * Swarovski pearls * Preciosa cup chain * Rocailles 24Kt gold and Galvanised Silver seed beads from Miyuki * Toho seed beads Pair this beaded bangle with career or weekend wear. Beautiful and bright as the full moon "Beauty is the promise of happiness."- Edmund Burke
  • sparkly beaded bracelets

    bracelet-“Swarovski cups”


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    Swarovski cup chain with Toho seed beads together in one sparkly beaded bracelets Handmade jewelry from Royal Panther have 100% satisfied clients. Have 3 different sizes.This delicate yet elegant bracelet is perfect for everyday wear.This piece transforms with your mood, making it a perfect addition to your collection. DESCRIPTION * Swarovski cup chain * 11/0 and 15/0 Toho seed beads * 8/0 seed beads Miyuki seed beads * Swarovski bicones and pearls * Magnetic clap

    A Swarovski cup chain bracelet that always looks as good as you do.

    "Beauty awakens the soul to act."-Dante Alighieri

  • “The Countess#2”-bracelet


    or 4 payments of $36.50 with

    This handmade jewelry bracelets builds outward in layers.The bracelets suitable for any occasion and for any age. Lots of Swarovski sparkly bicones and pearls. Have 3 sizes to choose from. Description: * Swarovski bicones 3 mm * Swarovski pearls * 11/0 and 15/0 seed beads by Toho * Preciosa 6mm roundess * Gold claps The perfect piece for any outfit. As one important man said: "Outstanding beauty, like outstanding gifts of any kind, tends to get in the way of normal emotional development, and thus of that particular success in life which we call happiness." - Milton R. Sapirstein
  • sparkly-bracelets

    “The Countess #1”-bracelet


    or 4 payments of $59.50 with

    This elegant project builds outward in layers.The crystal bracelets suitable for any occasion and for any age. Lots of Swarovski sparkly bicones and pearls. Have 3 sizes to choose from. Description: * Swarovski bicones 6mm and 3 mm * Swarovski pearls * 11/0 seed beads Toho * Silver slides clap Dare to dazzle with this bejeweled and shiny bracelet. George Meredith said -"A witty woman is a treasure; a witty beauty is a power."
  • “Lights”-bangles


    or 4 payments of $35.75 with

    The charm bracelets in Australia, which are made from Swarovski bicones and pearls also included Potomac company roundess. Lots of sparkles, very comfortable to wear, have 3 sizes to choose from.Beauty that maddened the soul like wine. Makes a great gift for any Anniversary, Birthday, Holiday, or Special Occasion! Description: * Swarovski pearls * Swarovski bicones * Potomac bead company rondelles * Toho seed beads 11/0 and 15/0 "A beauty is a woman you notice; a charmer is one who notices you." -Aldai Stevenson
  • “Cocktail Cuff-2”-bracelet


    or 4 payments of $28.75 with

    The exquisite fashion jewelry bracelets are sure to become a part of a collector's items. Shapes and colors add an element of style to the fashion bracelets, which are manufactured to enhance the overall personality of homemakers as well as working women. ladies beaded bracelets, designer beaded bracelets this all about the "Cocktail Cuff" bracelet.

    Description * Swarovski elements/pearls/flowers * Toho seed beads * Silver magnetic clap "He was...all beauty, as the sun is all light." -Phyllis Bottome

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