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High-End, Couture Jewellery.

Accessories are essential to creating an elegant look. Whether it is a formal event or a casual occasion, a dress is never complete without the proper accessories. Ladies have always been in love with jewellery, especially when it comes to the High-end Jewelry; they want the best pieces.
The real issue is finding the High-end, one-of-a-kind jewellery. I will work day in and day out to develop some of the best designs that will grab your attention at first glance. All collections are durable and long-lasting.

All Jewelry made in Australia with the hands to assure that everything is perfect for You. Once prepared, the Beaded Jewelry is sent for quality testing to confirm that there is no room for error.

-“Quality is my Priority”-

  • ring for girlfriend ring-for-girlfriend

    ring for girlfriend “Water Lily”


    or 4 payments of $18.75 with

    A woman’s hands are the most beautiful part of most men. That’s a fact which has no denied in it. Decorate what you own and cherish every part of your beauty. There’s nothing better than a ring that increases the prettiness of a female hand. It may be hard to find rings online, but now that you are here, you can buy an excellent ring for girlfriend, friend, wife or even your mother. There are two colours to choose from White/Baby Pink and Lizard. The dimensions are 3.5 cm wide and 1.4cm height. The beaded flower ring “Water Lily” is excellent to wear with any dress, both casually and with a formal gown.

    Dear God! how beauty varies in nature and art. In a woman the flesh must be like marble; in a statue, the marble must be like flesh. -Victor Hugo

    Caring: Wipe with a clean cotton swab when needed. Note: The colour and dimensions of the product can vary due to lighting and camera effect.
  • Necklace Sets Online Necklace Sets Online



    or 4 payments of $53.25 with

    Beautiful glossy stones with intriguing matrix in Brown/Red necklace. I am using lipstick red Swarovski bicones in Wedding version and Precoisa lustrous stones candy red colour in Brown/Red necklace. The "Grapes" necklace is designed to impress. Wedding necklace has Swarovski pendant AB colour 2.2cm long. Brown/Red necklace has 1.5 cm long pendant and Swarovski bicones. Will come with its packaging. Size of the Necklace: length- 45cm included clasp/wide- 3 cm. White/Red: length-43cm included clasp/wide-2.5cm


    • Swarovski elements
    • Preciosa elements
    • Toho seed beads
    • Matsuno seed beads
    • Miyuki seed beads
    • Toggle Clasp Silver Plated

    Caring: Wipe with a clean cotton swab when needed.

    Please read a fascinating article Buying beads jewellery with Swarovski elements. Processing Time: This item will be shipped out within three business days. Note: The colour and dimensions of the product can vary due to lighting and camera effect.

    Credit to Lana RP as a beading artist and Gina’s Gem Creation.

  • beaded bracelet beaded bracelets



    or 4 payments of $41.75 with

    It has been made with high-quality beads chosen after careful inspection. All of the beads are sewed at a properly defined distance to give the bracelet an elegant look. It comes in classic black and rich red colour that makes an outstanding combination like always. Its colour and design make it the best option for a gift to a loved one. If you are looking for a bracelet to add charm to your wrist, your bracelet is just a click away!


    • Toho and Miyuki seed beads
    • Dagger beads
    • Swarovski crystals
    • Silver tube bar clasp

    The size of the bracelet: 4,5 cm wide.

    Beauty, like supreme dominion, is best supported by opinion. -Jonathan Swift

    Note: The colour and dimensions of the product can vary due to lighting and camera effect. Credits to Lana PR as a beading artist and Michele Leonardo
  • pearl earrings pearl earrings

    pearl earrings “Crystal rounds”


    or 4 payments of $39.75 with

    Are you looking for statement jewellery that will set your look on fire? A summer collection to compliment or your new wardrobe? Something that is delicate and unique? Only for you the masterpiece pearl earrings are the sort of jewellery that one can wear on multiple occasions and each time this will get you noticed among masses. All you have to do is choose the colour that might compliment your dress and skin tone the best.


    • Swarovski crystal
    • Toho seed beads
    • Sterling silver earring hooks
    • The size of the earrings: 7.2 cm long and 4 cm wide.

    Beauty is the sole ambition, the exclusive goal of Taste. -Charles Baudelaire

    Note: The colour and dimensions of the product can vary due to lighting and camera effect.  
  • earrings online earrings online

    fashion earrings-“Drops Chevron”


    or 4 payments of $18.75 with

    Earrings “Drops Chevron”

    Whether you are getting ready for office, going on a date-night, meeting your friends or just planning to spend your evening reading a book in a café your look is never complete without wearing earrings.  You can bring the most classic and chic handcrafted Chevron earrings to make your look even magical. They come in 6 different colour combinations to choose from and we bet that you can’t resist having all of them.

     These earrings are easy to wear and as light as feather, so you do not feel heavy in your ears when you have to wear them for long. If you are wondering that you might have to pay a lot to own these beautiful earrings, then let me surprise you by the price. Buy these earrings before it gets late!
    • Delica seed beads
    • Toho seed beads
    • Bugle beads by Miyuki
    • Silver-plated jump rings
    • Sterling Silver earring hooks
    Please read an amazing article about Handmade beaded jewelry design ideas.

    Beauty is a fragile gift. -Ovid

    Note: The colour and dimensions of the product can vary due to lighting and camera effect.
  • Fancy earrings

    earrings-“Round lights”


    or 4 payments of $18.75 with

     Fancy earrings are always a must-have item in the jewellery collection of each girl. They are always needed to complete a party look or just the look you want to carry on a happy day. Our "Round lights"earrings are the perfect match for a classic lady like you. We know that elegant women love to wear earrings that are neither too bold nor too simple and they also love the jewelry that helps them live their life at the fullest, so we designed our earrings to be just the way you want. They come in a circular shape with Swarovski Rivoli hanging in the middle. The pins of the earrings are thin and capable of carrying the weight to not overburden your ears.

    If you are deciding to buy earrings for your New Year Eve or want to wear them with a dress on your best friend’s wedding, we bet that you can’t find better jewellery in Australia than our earrings. With these earrings hanging in your ears you will be the centre of the attention for the whole evening. In order to buy these earrings, make a purchase right away before all of the stock gets sold! The size of the earring is 5.5 cm long included earring hook x 3.5 cm in wide.


    • Swarovski Rivoli
    • Toho seed beads
    • Miyuki Delica seed beads
    • Sterling Silver  earring hooks
    Please make sure you will read the article about Handmade beaded jewelry design ideas.

    “For me, the greatest beauty always lies in the greatest clarity”. -Gotthold Ephraim Lessing

    Note: The colour and dimensions of the product can vary due to lighting and camera effect. Credits to Lana RP as a beading artist.
  • handmade earrings handmade earrings

    earrings- “Sparkles”


    or 4 payments of $18.25 with

    These earrings are light in weight which makes it easy for you to wear them all day long.

      Unlike traditional boring jewellery, these ear-ornaments are made from silk thread. The thread has been formed in the shape of a flower with small shiny beads in the middle of each petal and a dual coloured attractive stone in the mid of the flower. You can buy these handmade earrings in the combination of two colours- Blue/Coral and Red/Green. Wear them with skirts, tops, traditional Indian dresses or with any dress of your choice and it is guaranteed to make people go WOW with a mere look. Here are some highlights of these earrings: Now that you know that these handmade earrings are meant to be owned by you, what are you waiting for? Place an order right away before all the pairs get sold. It is recommended that you buy a pair in both colour combinations to match them with the dresses you wear.


    • Made from shiny and delicate silk thread
    • Easy to wash and clean after every use
    • Extremely light-weight and easy to carry
    • Latch back to make it comfortable to wear
    • Appealing colour combinations available
    • A perfect choice for gift and everyday use
    • Worth the price tag of the product
    • Sterling Silver earring hooks
    • Swarovski elements
    • Toho seed beads
    • Miyuki seed beads
    • Size are 4cm long included sterling silver earring hooks and 3 cm wide.
    Read more about fashion trends in my article

     "Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it. " -Confucius

    Note: The colour and dimensions of the product can vary due to lighting and camera effect. Credits to Lana RP as a beading artist and Victoriya Antipova.
  • earrings for women earrings for women

    earrings “Rose petals”


    or 4 payments of $16.75 with

          This cute pair of exotic earrings is simply a must-have for all fashion lovers. The adorable jewellery accessory will suit every personality, whether it’s an outgoing or a laid-back personality.

    These earrings for women, which are available in three different colours (Persian Turquoise, Burgundy, and Green) are also made with top quality material that can last for a very long time. It’s also one of the most affordable, excellent quality earrings that are available in online jewellery stores. After all, we all love to buy high-quality items at relatively lower prices. Don’t we? Above all, the enchanting earrings are safe and will not result in adverse side effects upon wearing them. Beauty in a modest woman is like a distant fire or a sharp-edged sword: the one does not burn, the other does not cut, those who do not come near it. “-Miguel de Cervantes

    Note: The colour and dimensions of the product can vary due to lighting and camera effect.

  • bracelets for women handmade jewelry online

    bracelets for women “Rose petals garden”


    or 4 payments of $33.75 with

    This piece of the bracelet is simply charm at its best. The adorable bracelet has been designed from a place of love and that explains why it incorporates many roses. It’s the perfect accessory to enhance your confidence and make you adjust your crown like the QUEEN you truly are. The handmade jewelry accessory also has Swarovski elements that give it a glittering and flattering effect. This affordable bracelet will make you appear expensive and sophisticated, even though you didn’t spend a fortune to purchase it.

    The cute handmade online jewelry is made with top quality material that makes it impossible to easily depreciate. It’s amazing that this accessory looks authentic and solid, but yet the most affordable handmade jewelry online.

        Beauty without virtue is a rose without fragrance.” -German and Danish proverbs

    Note: The colour and dimensions of the product can vary due to lighting and camera effect. Credits to Lana RP and Sidonia's
  • wedding earrings earrings online

    earrings- “Knitted web”


    or 4 payments of $13.75 with

     There is more than one type of earrings that you can find easily in the stores. However, nothing can beat the proper finish and glorious look of the netted ring wedding earrings. There was a time when pearls and gemstones were all that women loved to have even that trend still has gotten popular women to need something new. These threaded earrings are the perfect jewellery to start a new chapter of trends in the market. The shape presents a star encircled by a beautiful circle. These earrings come in the combination of colours: White and pink, Gold and light purple, Coral and finally Bridal.  The earrings size are 2.7 cm x 2.7 cm.


    • Toho seed beads
    • Miyuki seed beads
    • Super duo by Preciosa
    • Sterling Silver earring hooks

      "The beauty of a lovely woman is like music." -George Eliot

  • crystal rings online wedding rings 2019



    or 4 payments of $17.50 with

       "Crystal"- rings

    Everything on the day of your wedding should be flawless and smooth, just like the bond of you two. The most prominent thing of a wedding is the ring that a groom slides into the finger of a lady to turn her into his lifelong partner, so it is meant to steal all the limelight and heart of the audience present. No wedding ring is as magnificent as a Swarovski crystal ring, and we bring you the glory of all the wedding rings 2019. These rings feature a giant crystal in the middle of a circle of smaller crystals. All of these crystals are handpicked with special care to look impeccable in the hand of the lady who wears it. You can buy this outstanding ring in two colours- black and white.

    If you are a working woman or just someone looking for a fascinating ring to add to your jewellery collection, this ring is worth all your attention. It is light in weight, looks glorious in hand of any woman, and is great to be worn each day. It goes well with every dress you can decide to wear any day of the week. Here are some other features of the product:
    • Shining and crystal clear gemstones inserted in the ring
    • Made from durable, strong, and lifelong material
    • Easy to fit and look magnificent in any hand
    • Light in weight to help you wear it with ease
    • Perfect to go with any dress and compliment any look
    • Breathtakingly beautiful than all other rings in the market
    • Worth of all the dollars you have to spend on the ring
    This ring is perfect for any lady to wear. If you are getting married, it will serve as an amazing wedding ring and if you are a woman who prefers to buy her own crystals, you can’t have a ring better than this. Show your class and elegance by adding this ring to your jewellery collection. You can either go out and search for a perfect wedding ring or can sit at your home with ease and place an order for our crystal rings.

    Please see the full Description of materials in Description section.

    Note: The colour and dimensions of the product can vary due to lighting and camera effect. ring size chart
  • luxury bracelet luxury bracelet

    “Crystal Blossom”-bracelets


    or 4 payments of $33.00 with


    "Crystal Blossom"-bracelet

    Crystal jewellery is admired by women across the globe and it is evident that only the name of the jewellery is enough to send them in a deep thought about the designs they would love to buy. However, finding the designs that women dream off is not as simple as it may sound. One has to go from shop to shop or surf for hours on the internet and still find nothing matched. We understand your struggle and the importance of your dreams, so we bring you "Crystal Blossom" luxury bracelet.

    It is a perfect combination of floral patterns and solid crystal. These bracelets come in white base with blue and  deep blue and pink pearls placed in the shape of the flowers. They come in 3 sizes to ensure that every woman gets the chance to be and feel beautiful. These are ideal to be worn at any party or on every day meetups. While there are different types of jewellery that you find stacked in the shelves of the stores or buy from e-commerce platforms, we guarantee that you will mention these bracelets as the best beaded jewelry Australia. We insist that you place an order to add elegance to your wrist with this ornament. "Even in the centuries which appear to us to be the most monstrous and foolish, the immortal appetite for beauty has always found satisfaction." -Charles Baudelaire

    Please see the full Description of materials in Description section.

    Note: The colour and dimensions of the product can vary due to lighting and camera effect.
  • wedding bracelets 2019 wedding bracelets 2019

    wedding bracelet “City”


    or 4 payments of $39.75 with

        If you are soon bride to be, this Swarovski bracelet will stand out of all the wedding bracelets collection. Just imagine how mystical you will look by wearing pearls around your wrist along with your wedding dress on your special day. If you are a groom looking for a flawless wedding gift for the love of your life, I can guarantee you this will be the best gift you can ever buy for her. Your spouse is guaranteed to fall in love with this bracelet just like she fell in love with You! It is durable, can pass all the tests of the time and will stay with you all your life. Warranty included in all accessories!


    • Swarovski pearls
    • Preciosa gemstones
    • Toho and Miyuki seed beads
    • 22mm Silver magnetic clasp

      "Beauty in things exists in the mind which contemplates them". -David Hume

    Note: The colour and dimensions of the product can vary due to lighting and camera effect.
  • charming bracelet charming bracelet

    charming bracelet “Cushions”


    or 4 payments of $32.50 with

    It’s a complete handmade bracelet with the creativity and refined technique of craftsmanship. It is a combination of different colour beads with durable material. It is a complete package of charming and fancy things that go with any of the events whether it’s a wedding, party or a formal gathering.

    The bracelet is designed as per the preference of the ladies of all ages and loved the way it is crafted. You can present it as a gift to your loved one or to a special friend or any special women of your life, it is one of the best ways to express your gratitude. Here are multiple of handmade articles and a variety of bracelets for different occasions.

    "She was as...beautiful as the devil and twice as dangerous." -Dashiell Hammett

    Note: The colour and dimensions of the product can vary due to lighting and camera effect.
  • wedding jewellery wedding jewellery Australia

    sparkly set “Trio Opulence”


    or 4 payments of $59.00 with

    Jewellery can make women’s day and a perfect and well-coloured ornament enhance the grace and attraction of any diva. Here you have got sparkling triangle jewellery set with a charming necklace, bracelet and twinkling earrings.
    • The 3.5 cm long earrings with the combination of gold Fine Toho seed beads and Swarovski drops.
    • A bracelet available in 3 different sizes and 1.6 cm wide
    • Choker around 46 cm long and almost 3.8 cm long in the centre ornament, 2.8 cm width included drops on the sides and on the back 1 cm width

      The colour combination of ruby, white/silver and gold gives the set its own charm and beauty. Its complete handmade jewellery set with the use of refined craftsmanship and a brilliant balance of colour along with the use of durable and lasting material.


    •  Toho seed beads Galvanised Starlight
    • Swarovski drops
    • Miyuki seed beads
    • Wire Protector, Rose Gold Filled
    • Clasp Rose Gold
    • Earnings  sterling silver Post & Ends
  • handmade jewelry online bangles 2019

    bangles “Crystal”


    or 4 payments of $24.50 with

    These bangles come in four solid colours (Ruby/Jet, Crystal-clear, Green/Gold and Silver) to go with all the dresses you have in your wardrobe. Whether you are aiming to wear a casual tee with your jeans or a formal party gown, these bangles will complement your look in the best way. Knowing that you deserve nothing than the perfect, I have designed and made each bangle from hands without using machines. It is your chance to order classic handmade jewellery online before it runs out of the stock.

    "A fair face without a fair soul is like a glass eye that shines and sees nothing."-John Stuart Blackie

    Note: The colour and dimensions of the product can vary due to lighting and camera effect. Credits to Lana PR as a beading artist