• Very comfortable and expensive-looking bracelet. Designed by Gayle Goddard. Made from Twisted bugle beads from Toho company and a fancy Swarovski flowers in the middle of a bracelet. Sizes which you can purchase: Small- 17.8cm; Medium- 20cm; Large- 23 cm. Pair this bracelet with career or weekend wear.
  • Brilliant beacons of optimism and hope, this unique Bracelets will steal your heart forever! Can be wear on any occasion. Standout style and flawless fit. Can be ordering in 3 sizes. Materials: * Swarovski 4mm pearls *Swarovski elements"flowers" *Toho seed beads * Silver claps "She was as...beautiful as the devil, and twice as dangerous. "-Dashiell Hammett
  • I named it "Crystal Heart" choker after watching video about similar one created by Gina's Gem Creations. This elegant and luxury choker have 7 Swarovski hearts -18x17.5 mm ,Berm Blue coloured. The Swarovski hearts are in mint condition with no chips or breaks in the girdle. The choker is weighs 60g plus very comfortable to wear.The choker include Firepolishe beads from Presioca and Swarovski montees.It is 45 cm long in total. I give you quality Warranty.Makes a great gift for any Anniversary, Birthday, Holiday, or Special Occasion!You’re going to love it!
  • “Double Up” earrings

    Daggers and Crystals Swarovski pair beautifully in figure-8 earrings.The workplace isn't always the easiest place to wear intricately embellished bracelets, which can interfere with the task at hand. Earrings , however,  lend a little glamour to your workday without getting in the way! Materials used : Swarovski Crystal, Toho beads, Miuyki beads, Dagger beads,silver plated findings. It's very comfortable handcrafted earrings  adds a touch of nature-inspired beauty to your look! I've used two different colours, but if you would like to have different colours ,please let me know and I am happy to make it for you in short period of time! "Beauty awakens the soul to act." -Dante Alighieri
  • The "Flash Pearls" necklace was design by Jill Wiseman. Have 45 cm long and 170 grams.This stylish glow pearl-jewelry necklace adds a pop of pretty colour of Swarovski 4 mm pearls.A fashion faithful with different sizes Toho beads will add eye-catching sparkle. Intricately beaded with paying attention on details. The necklace have nature colour makes a standout addition to your collection. Adds a touch of nature-inspired beauty to your look, do not wait just push "Add to cart" button NOW to stylish glow to any outfit.
  • This is unique Beaded bracelet designed by Sabine Lippert. I love it and I am sure anyone can fall in love with such a luxury bracelet.This simple and stylish signature pieces for everyday wear made from Toho beads and Presioca elements. 17.8 cm long and 3.2cm width. Can be made in different sizes.Small- 17.8 cm ; Medium- 20.3 cm long and Large is 23 cm
  • It is was big pleasure to make this bracelet!Such  colourful beaded bracelets will complete your stylish look. The "Flowering Pips" bracelet was designed by Allie Buchman from Potomac beads company.I could not resist to make it.So this is it. The adorable bracelet is ready to putting you in the spotlight! Have 3 different sizes: Small-19.5cm long; Medium-20.3cm and Large is 23 cm.Have 6 mm Swarovski pearls and Preciosa gemstones.
  • Very great and stylish drops earrings. They are 6 cm long and 2.5 cm width, they are part of full set "Grapes Set ", you can choose colour. In Brown/red colour fashion earrings I have add a Swarovski elements and Toho seed beads include  Preciosa stones. Jewelry earrings - "Wedding earrings"  White/red colour have  only Swarovski elements, pearls and Mixture Toho/ Miyuki beads . Caring : Wipe with a clean cotton swab when needed.
  • “Grapes” set

    Swarovski Crystals, Toho beads, amazing pearls and more...flawless designs. Delightful Necklace Sets Online of necklace and earrings made from unblemished pearls, handsome glossy stones with intriguing matrix in Brown/Red set. Using lipstick red Swarovski bicones in Wedding version and Presoica glossy stones candy red color in Brown/Red set. Both aproxx 70 g. Wedding set have Swarovski pendant AB color 2.2cm long. Brown set have 1.5 cm long pendant plus bicones.
  • lacy flowers
    These large 5.7cm airy earrings are in full bloom and will be the highlight of your favourite summer outfit. Large 14 mm Swarovski rivoli accomplish with Toho seed beads and silver earrings hooks. Have a good colour choices.
  • Very beautiful and elegant set which include earrings and bracelet. The handcrafted  bracelet can be ordered in two main colours and 3 sizes. The beaded bracelets are include only original materials . Materials:
    • Swarovski  White Pearl
    • Swarovski Montees SS16

    • Swarovski bicones
    • Preciosa gemstones Superduo
    • 11/0 Toho seed beads
    • Silver nickel magnetic clasp
    Unique and amazing set ,very light and comfortable to wear on any occasions. Complete your look with the "Passionate set". Outstanding beauty, like outstanding gifts of any kind, tends to get in the way of normal emotional development, and thus of that particular success in life which we call happiness. -Milton R. Sapirstein
  • Very beautiful and elegant earrings. The handmaded earrings can be ordered in two main colours. The handmade jewelry earrings are include only original materials . Materials:
    • Swarovski  White Pearl
    • Swarovski Montees SS16

    • Swarovski bicones
    • Preciosa gemstones Superduo
    • 11/0 Toho seed beads
    • Silver nickel hooks
    Very light and comfortable to wear to any occasions. Complete your look with the "Passionate set"      Beauty is the sole ambition, the exclusive goal of Taste. -Charles Baudelaire  
  • Floral accents/beaded details grace this elegant necklace.Hand-crafted to a standard of perfection. This necklace was designed by Gina's Gem Creations. Tone of 6mm Swarovski pearls embellished by Swarovski 6 and 3 mm bicones crystals and Toho beads.Pendant is 5x5 cm and hags down 7.5cm from the base of necklace. 45 cm long and have 1.4 cm broad wise.In Blue/Peach- I've used 24-gold galvanised beads, in White/Purple silver galvanised seed beads.
  • A quick overview of features vs. benefits to buying such affordable luxury chain: * Handmade, one of a kind ,with paying lots of attention on details. * 41 cm long * Toho beads * The ring size is 6cm x 6cm included flowers * Swarovski elements * Feeling unique and intelligent * Quality Guarantee This chain was design by Sabine Lippert. You will feel like the Belle of the Ball on every day basis by wearing such adorable chain.
  • Let me show you the best of the best Handcrafted earrings for summer named "Shells".Aquatic-inspired spirals of seed beads coil to create exotic earrings ready for beachwear. Have 3 main colours you can choose from. Very light and comfortable to wear. Materials: * Swarovski bicones * 15/0 seed beads Miyuki * Silver earrings hook "Outstanding beauty, like outstanding gifts of any kind, tends to get in the way of normal emotional development, and thus of that particular success in life which we call happiness."-Milton R. Sapirstein
  • beaded necklace
    Very light and flashy styled necklace. Designed by Mandi Olaniyi. Ive used Toho beads and 14mm Swarovski Rivoli and 6mm bicones to shy like a star in the night. Have 49 cm length. The "Silver Line" necklace add eye-catching sparkle and can go from the office to after-hours with polish style.

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